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The Ag and Energy Industries Agree, Having E15 Year Round is Good for ND

Monday, June 03, 2019

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The EPA is changing its policy on the E-15 fuel blend. Soon, it will be sold 365 days a year. The president is pushing to remove the ban during the summer months, and as our Malique Rankin reports, this change is good news for North Dakota.

Jeff Zueger: "We anticipate it will increase our E85 sales from our 2 plants."

Jeff Zueger is the CEO of two of North Dakota's 5 ethanol plants-- Blue Flint and Dakota Spirit Ag Energy.
He says they consume about 50 million bushels of corn a year. 

Jeff Zueger: "...We process that into almost 150 million gallons of ethanol and about 400 thousand tons of feed products. We have a pretty good impact on the local and regional economy."

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