Jamestown/Stutsman Development Corporation

Jamestown, ND

Jamestown is a place adorned in charm. Norman Rockwell could have painted curly-topped boys fishing along the banks of the James River. Western writer Louis L'Amour was born here, and we'd like to think Jamestown was a source of inspiration for him. Jamestown is nestled between two rivers - the James River and the Pipestem River and has excellent recreational opportunities at both of these. Jamestown is a place of clean air, safe streets and short commutes. You can take time for fitness, take time for family, and take time for friendships. Jamestown is a place of good public and private schools - make those great schools - with a high school completion rate of 89%. Jamestown offers a new state of the art high school that was constructed in 2004. Class sizes are small by big-city standards, so children and youth get personal attention and wide-open opportunities to participate in extracurricular...Learn More »

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