2019-2021 GOALS

  • Business Attraction
    • JSDC is committed to secure additional tenant(s) for the Spiritwood Energy Park.
    • JSDC will focus on identifying tenants for neighboring properties of the Spiritwood Energy Park.
    • JSDC will finalize shovel-ready development of the Airport Business Park.
    • JSDC will work with the City of Jamestown to design an Opportunity Zone educational campaign.
  • Business Outreach
    • JSDC is committed to supporting, sustaining, and growing existing business in the region and understands attracting and retaining workforce is a significant part.
    • JSDC is committed to promoting the region as a cohesive community with supporting services to enable business to be competitive in today's economy.
  • Organizational Excellence
    • JSDC will coordinate with the City of Jamestown, Stutsman County, and other community organizations to capitalize on Main Street Initiative opportunities.