Central Business Systems, Inc.: Realizing Big Success as a Small Business

Central Business Systems, Inc.: Realizing Big Success as a Small Business Main Photo

14 Dec 2018

The Evolution of Office Equipment

Office equipment is ever-changing to suit our business needs; from the typewriter to the tablet, fax machine to an email attachment, mimeograph to copiers, rooms filled with file cabinets to cloud storage. It is changing more rapidly than ever due to extraordinarily fast-paced technological advances. Like Darwin’s theory of evolution, the best traits live on and the less desirable or unnecessary are left behind.  

Central Business Systems, Inc. (CBSI) has been providing state-of-the-art office equipment to companies in North Dakota since 1975 and has experienced the industry’s evolution first hand. The company maintains a 6,000 sq. ft. showroom, 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse and full service facility in Jamestown, ND. The eight and a half employees collectively have 160 years of experience in the industry. Their products include printers, multi-function copiers, computers, networking systems, and total document solutions. Husband and wife team, Dernel and Tracy Denning, proudly became CBSI’s owners in 2016. After 32 years with CBSI, Dernel is proud to now be president and co-owner.


More About CBSI

CBSI TeamWhen asked what differentiates CBSI from their competition, Denning had more than one answer. “One of the biggest things is that most of our competitors are much larger than we are. Whenever customers have issues or questions, we can react much faster.”  The company builds relationships that go beyond being responsive to customers’ needs. “Our customers are not numbers. They are actually people we know. We try to treat all our customers like family, so they get to know us personally.”, noted Denning. The fact that they are locally owned is important to much of their client base.

Company culture is something that is talked about a lot in the business world, but often seems insincere. Insincerity and empty words were not imparted in Denning’s explanation about CBSI’s culture and values. “We are definitely honest and have a great deal of integrity.” He has found that competitors tell customers “...half truths. When I go out there I tell a customer exactly the way it’s going to be and what’s going to happen.” Over-selling and hard-selling are definitely not part of the culture.

The word “family” is a recurring theme. When asked about internal culture, Denning answered, “We like to treat our employees like family. Most of them have been around for a very long time.” The Dennings respect their employees and value their loyalty and trust, which is reciprocated.

Superior Customer Service Reaps Rewards

Central Business Systems prides itself on customer care. The Service Department has received numerous awards including the coveted Gold Medallion Award from Kyocera. Technical staff is constantly reviewing new techniques and attending training to increase customer service and support. Central Business Systems is factory trained and certified on every model of Kyocera equipment they sell. “Last November we were given an award for being the largest purchasing Kyocera dealer in the state of North Dakota. That has been our biggest accomplishment since we bought the business.” Continuing to receive recognition for sales, purchasing, and service is a priority for the CBSI’s future.

Supporting the Community

“The Jamestown community has been very good to us.” CBSI likes to give back to the community in appreciation of the loyal local customers by supporting many small non-profits through donating equipment. They contribute monetarily to Jamestown Regional Medical Center and Anne Carlsen Center. CBSI enjoys helping both of these organization with their annual golf tournament fundraisers. “I understand that Jamestown has given Central Business Systems a lot so it is important to me to give back to the community also.”, says Denning.

Honesty, integrity, building relationships that are like family…”nice guys finish last” is a saying that is discredited by Central Business Systems. That trait is one that will not be left behind as the evolution of office equipment continues.

Contact CBSI to learn more about the company and how they may help your business with superior service and excellent equipment that suits your needs.
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