North Dakota Entrepreneur Realizing Huge Success

19 Nov 2018

Ruthless, money hungry, cut throat, uncompromising, hyper-competitive are words often associated with successful entrepreneurs. Scott Bintz has proven being fortune- and fame-focused is unnecessary and counterproductive if one wants to go beyond building bank accounts.

“Scott Bintz is on a mission to make people’s lives better.” (

Principles to Fortune bookBintz grew a home basement hobby business into a multi-million dollar e-commerce enterprise by living and working on principles based on culture, not profits. Although his current book is titled Principles to Fortune, Bintz noted Principles to Blessings may have been a more accurate title.  His work hasn’t been focused on building wealth.  Success for Bintz has been about personal enrichment and, perhaps even more importantly, the success and happiness of others.

Why Jamestown, North Dakota?

group photoA primary reason is the “good people” who live and work here. “I wouldn’t be successful without great, hard-working, everyday folk.” A strong manufacturing base, industrial park with robust utilities, and solid transportation logistics were also very important during the first expansion prior to becoming 100% e-commerce. Not only are the people important to success, but there are organizations that are “willing to help in any way.” Jamestown Stutsman Development Corporation (JSDC) is instrumental to the success and growth of area businesses. Bintz noted that JSDC “helped with the launch of Red Headed Rebel by connecting us to loan opportunities.”

More About Scott Bintz and the Red Headed Rebel Brand

Red Headed Rebel Brand He is currently involved in a number of business ventures from advising brands and e-commerce strategy consulting to board member duties and limited speaking engagements.  Scott is an experienced expert in e-commerce, business strategy, digital marketing, search engine optimization, & building company work culture.

  • Founder of From a basement duplex to now $100+M in sales
  • Past VP Truck Hero: Developed e-commerce strategy for 1 billion multi-brand enterprise
  • Adjunct Professor: University of Jamestown –  Digital Marketing 390
  • Founder of Red Headed Rebel: E-commerce Agency
  • Founder of RH Rebel Storage:  State of the Art Self-Storage Facilities
  • Founder of RH Rebel: Property Development & Investment
  • Founder of Red Headed Rebel Brew: Coffee Company for Entrepreneurs and Rebels
  • Founder of E-commerce Dirt Race Car Parts
  • Author of Principles to Fortune – Business & Character Principles for Success in Life
  • Speaking:  Limited events
  • Principles to Blessings podcast coming soon from RH Rebel with the goal of helping the everyday entrepreneur from Scott’s relatable, realistic personal example.

Bintz is well-known for “crafting culture that allows you to create and find fortune you seek that goes beyond dollar signs.” When asked what advice he would give a budding entrepreneur, his response reverted to his experience when all he had was an idea. He noted when entrepreneurs start out, people are more likely to tell you how your idea will fail rather than provide encouragement. “Know that others aren’t going to be as excited as you. Don’t let that discourage you or become beaten down. When inspired, act on that inspiration. Don’t expect or wait for perfection.”

When asked what he hopes his legacy will be, he thoughtfully replied, “The legacy I hope to leave the world is far more than I got rich. I want it to be that I helped people’s lives.” Inspirational words for us all to live by.