Cavendish: Bringing Delicious Dishes to Your Table

6 Nov 2017

How much thought do you put into investigating the origins of your food? In the past, when individual farming dominated food production, you would only need to travel as far as your own backyard.

Today, food production and processing is a massive industry, which makes uncovering your food’s origin story a bit more complicated. If you enjoy a side of crisp french fries with your burger, or golden potato squares alongside your breakfast meal, there is a fairly strong chance that Cavendish Farms is responsible.

In Jamestown, North Dakota, we are home to one of Cavendish Farms’s state-of-the art potato processing plants - the only one of four plants located in the United States.  The 4th largest processor of frozen potato products in North America, Cavendish Farms produces more than 300 million pounds of potato products each year.

Take a closer look at Cavendish.