North Dakota: Outranking the Competition

23 Oct 2017

Ranking permeates many aspects of our daily lives. From academic assessment, to sports performance, to success in the workplace, it is natural to compare yourself to fellow class members, teammates, and coworkers.

This ranking isn’t limited to individuals, it applies to cities and states as well. When examining how one state compares to others, factors like business growth, job availability, educational opportunities, and ease of transportation all come into play.

In Jamestown, North Dakota, we can boast that our state outperforms the others in quite a few categories. Nationally, North Dakota ranks #1 for job growth, ranks in the nation’s top 5 states for job availability, ranks 2nd in the nation for economic performance, and even has the fastest average commute time among all 50 states.

Check out the many additional ways that North Dakota excels.