An Energy Efficient, Environmentally Friendly Biorefinery

2 Oct 2017

When asked to name environmentally-friendly sources of energy what first springs to mind? Perhaps you think of energy produced by wind turbines or solar panels.

Here in Jamestown, North Dakota, we operate one of the most cost-effective and energy efficient biorefineries in the country. Instead of burning fuel to run the biorefining process, our Dakota Spirit AgEnergy facility takes a far more environmentally-friendly approach by purchasing steam from nearby Spiritwood Station.

Dakota Spirit AgEnergy gives back to the environment in more ways than one. By producing ethanol at a rate of 65 million gallons per year, the biorefinery helps to drive and support North Dakota’s agriculture industry. Further, AgEnergy has helped to open up a new market for local corn producers while also creating stable and well-paying jobs.

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