Foundation works to help community

15 Apr 2017

The Jamestown Community Foundation began in 1983 as a tool for economic development in Jamestown. Since then, the group’s focus has turned to improving the community and most recently, helping raise and train a search and rescue dog for the Jamestown Fire Department.

“They have been very huge,” said Chief Jim Reuther of the Jamestown Fire Department, who is raising and training Chloe, a 10-monthold bloodhound. “She’s the communi-Chloe will be trained to track people based on an item of clothing or other object the person has handled. The Jamestown Police Department and Stutsman County Sheriff’s Office have dogs used for narcotic detection but no search dogs.

The role of supporting community projects came after a very brief period when the Jamestown Comty’s dog because of the help we’ve gotten.”

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