10 Things People Miss Most About North Dakota When They Leave

30 Mar 2017


There are just some things you come to love when living here in North Dakota that you just cant find anywhere else. Here are some of those things that people from the Peace Garden state miss the most when they leave.

1. The openness of the prairie.

North Dakota is pretty widespread and an overall open place - no cramped and dense urban areas here. There's always a place you can go to get away from the city; in some states that's nearly impossible without driving for a few hours.

2. The lack of noise and congestion.

Even in the busiest places in North Dakota, the city noises are nothing compared to other places. Some states have constant city noises or other sounds breaking up the silence. Maybe that's pleasant to some people, but I'll take the peace and quiet over it any day.

3. The great hunting and fishing opportunities.

North Dakota is a pretty big destination for hunters and anglers from all over. Many of them come from places where the hunting and fishing isn't nearly as good. It's certainly something to miss if you enjoyed it while you were here.

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