Jamestown/Stutsman County EDC: A Pivotal Year of Growth and Innovation in 2023

Jamestown/Stutsman County EDC: A Pivotal Year of Growth and Innovation in 2023 Main Photo

3 Jan 2024

Celebrating Milestones, Ventures, and Community Expansion

The past year has shown growth, strategic direction, and an unwavering commitment to progress for the Jamestown/Stutsman County Development Corporation. As we bid farewell to 2023, it's time to reflect on the notable events, projects, and initiatives that shaped this dynamic journey.

Leadership Transitions and Accolades

In March, the JSDC welcomed Corry Shevlin as the new CEO, injecting fresh perspectives and expertise into the organization's leadership. Shortly after, Alyssa Looysen stepped into the Director of Business Development role in June, further enriching the team with her visionary approach.

Simultaneously, the seasoned leadership of former CEO Connie Ova concluded at the end of December, marking the culmination of an era driven by dedication and strategic vision. Under Connie's stewardship, the JSDC navigated significant milestones and earned accolades, including the prestigious Economic Development Project of the Year Award from the Economic Development Association of North Dakota. This recognition honored the groundbreaking Green Bison Soy Processing Plant, showcasing the JSDC's commitment to fostering innovative, sustainable ventures within the region.

Expansion and Enrichment of Talent

A pivotal aspect of the JSDC's growth involved the addition of three esteemed directors: Casey Henderson, Mike Delfs, and Levi Taylor. Their collective expertise and dedication shall fortify the organization's ability to drive impactful initiatives and support the local business landscape.

Projects Catalyzing Progress

JSDC embarked on diverse projects to catalyze economic progress and enhance the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. Within the PACE initiative, collaborations with RTS Shearing and several Flex PACE entities—such as 4th Ave Concepts, Eco Sanitation, Prime Properties, Breck A. Leach, DMD, Our 5 Sons, and Peterson Ag—showcased the commitment to fostering growth across various sectors.

In response to the community's needs, JSDC spearheaded daycare expansion projects with Party Crashers, Charge On Together Daycare, and ABC Learn-N Play Daycare. These initiatives aimed to address a critical need for childcare services and support working families within the region.

Empowering Tomorrow's Workforce

A key highlight of 2023 was the Intern Reimbursement Program. Throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall Semesters, the EDC supported 15 interns across 12 area employers. This initiative provided invaluable experiential learning opportunities and invested in nurturing local talent, paving the way for a robust workforce poised for the challenges of tomorrow.

Looking Ahead

As we enter 2024, JSDC remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering innovation, economic vitality, and community enrichment. With a new leadership landscape, a robust portfolio of successful initiatives, and a spirit of resilience, the stage is set for another year of progress and collaboration within Jamestown/Stutsman County.

The groundwork laid in 2023 sets the stage for continued prosperity and growth. JSDC remains steadfast in its dedication to nurturing a vibrant economy, fostering partnerships, and embracing innovation to propel Jamestown/Stutsman County toward an even brighter future.

Grateful for All Members

The Jamestown/Stutsman team would like to thank all of the small businesses and nonprofits in our service region for their dedication to the communities of Stutsman County in 2023. If you are a business, investor, or site selector interested in Stutsman County, we are here to provide information, answers, and assistance. Whether you need demographic data, help locating a property, or a community connection – reach out to us today!