Celebrating Manufacturing Month in Jamestown, North Dakota: Powering the State's Economy

Celebrating Manufacturing Month in Jamestown, North Dakota: Powering the State's Economy Main Photo

31 Oct 2023


Every October, the city of Jamestown in Stutsman County, North Dakota, joins the nation in celebrating Manufacturing Month, a time when we pay tribute to the essential role that the manufacturing sector plays in our state's economy. This vibrant industry is not just about machines and factories; it's about dedicated workers, innovative technologies, and a commitment to excellence that fuels North Dakota's growth and prosperity.

Manufacturing in North Dakota

Manufacturers in North Dakota are the backbone of the state's economic landscape. In 2019, they contributed a staggering $4.16 billion to the state's total output, accounting for 7.28% of the total gross state product. With an average of 24,000 manufacturing employees in 2020, this sector employs 5.87% of the state's workforce, offering an average annual compensation of $64,745.85 in 2019. These statistics highlight the substantial impact that manufacturing has on the well-being of North Dakotans.

Top Manufacturing Sectors in North Dakota

North Dakota's manufacturing sector is diverse, spanning various industries. The top 10 manufacturing sectors in the state include:

  1. Machinery
  2. Non-metallic mineral products
  3. Wood products
  4. Fabricated metal products
  5. Computer and electronic products
  6. Aerospace and other transportation equipment
  7. Primary metals
  8. Motor vehicles and parts.

These sectors are a testament to the state's capability to produce various products, from precision machinery to woodwork and cutting-edge electronics. This diversity makes North Dakota's manufacturing industry a crucial part of the state's economy.

Exporting North Dakota's Quality Products

North Dakota manufacturers are not just contributing to the state's economy; they are making their mark on the global stage. In 2020, North Dakota exported a remarkable $3.12 billion in manufactured goods, reaching international markets. Impressively, $2.82 billion of these exports were with our free trade agreement (FTA) partners. This demonstrates the state's commitment to international trade and the quality of products manufactured here.

Exporting is more than just a way to increase profits; it's also a significant job creator. In 2011, 13.90% of North Dakota's employment was a direct result of exports. The thriving manufacturing sector, along with its strong export market, is instrumental in providing job opportunities to thousands of North Dakotans.

Furthermore, small businesses are pivotal in North Dakota's manufacturing and export endeavors. A remarkable 82.00% of all exporters in the state are small businesses. These businesses are the lifeblood of the community, generating growth, innovation, and jobs that keep our form thriving.

The Importance of Manufacturing Month

Manufacturing Month is not just about acknowledging the achievements of the manufacturing sector in North Dakota. It's also an opportunity to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. As we celebrate this month, we encourage young individuals to explore the possibilities within this sector.

Manufacturing careers offer stability, competitive wages, and a chance to make a tangible impact on the world. North Dakota's manufacturing industry constantly evolves, with cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices at the forefront. This creates a dynamic environment for those considering a career in this field.

Manufacturing Month events and initiatives, both in Jamestown and across the state, provide opportunities for students, job seekers, and the general public to learn more about this vital sector. Whether it's through plant tours, educational workshops, or interactive demonstrations, these activities aim to showcase the exciting prospects that manufacturing can offer. 

Manufacturing Month is a time to celebrate the remarkable contributions of the manufacturing sector in North Dakota, especially in places like Jamestown in Stutsman County. It's a chance to recognize the hardworking men and women who power the state's economy and create quality products for the world. Additionally, it's an opportunity to inspire the next generation and nurture a skilled workforce that will continue to drive North Dakota's manufacturing industry forward. As we celebrate Manufacturing Month, we celebrate the ingenuity, dedication, and innovation that make North Dakota's manufacturing sector a true powerhouse.