Newman Signs; Honoring the Local Jamestown Giant

Newman Signs; Honoring the Local Jamestown Giant Main Photo

5 May 2023


As one of the 10 largest sign manufacturing companies in the United States, Newman Signs has played a pivotal role in developing the economy and workforce culture of Jamestown. Creating signs for both the public and private sectors, Newman Signs specializes in traffic, urban and outdoor advertising. 

As a family owned business with humble beginnings, Newman Signs reflects Jamestown’s homegrown values. Before moving the business into Jamestown, Harold Newman began the business in his mother-in-law’s garage. When moving to Jamestown in 1972, the company only had 8 employees; now, the company boasts a workforce of 126, with products placed across the nation. 

Newman Signs has been an honored Jamestown business for over 60 years, but the local powerhouse also generates quite a lot of business outside of Jamestown. While their primary focus is in the Upper Midwest, they serve businesses throughout the Continental USA and Alaska. In fact, there’s a Newman Signs traffic sign in every US state excluding Hawaii. Their website reads: “You’ve seen us before. That billboard you passed on the interstate on the way to work or the corner street sign showing you the way home after a long day was probably made by Newman Signs.” 

Newman Sign’s Time-Honored Relationship with Jamestown Residents

In an article with The Jamestown Sun, Kari Newman Ness, CEO of Newman Signs states, “My parents chose Jamestown largely because of its location and never regretted their choice.” Ever since her parents settled into Jamestown, Newman Signs has continued to create opportunities for the Jamestown community. For professionals in the manufacturing segments of the business, for example, Newman Signs typically provides on the job training; this helps ensure employee satisfaction, retain the region’s talent, and grow the local workforce. 

Newman Signs deeply values their long term employees. “We have a few employees who have been at Newman Signs for over 45 years,” Newman Ness states. “We also have many long-term employees who have been with us 20-or-30-plus years. I cannot overstate the importance and value they bring to Newman Signs.” 

While the digital printing of signs has created a shift in the industry, Ness states that the process of creating and refining signs is still labor intensive. In many ways, the labor intensive nature of the craft and the consistent demand for signs provides a steady flow of jobs, guaranteeing the Jamestown community stability. 

Newman Signs Proves that Businesses Blossom in Jamestown

Newman Signs is one of the many businesses that call Jamestown home, and according to Newman, Jamestown is a special place where businesses can thrive. "Jamestown has never been a detriment to us,” she states. “We’ve always been able to find employees. Jamestown has just been home. We’ve been able to do everything we wanted to do here… this is an attractive city with much to offer.”

Jamestown offers businesses a strong manufacturing workforce, with many initiatives, job training programs and opportunities available. To learn more about what initiatives Jamestown offers to local businesses, click here