Stutsman County is the Place for Economic Development!

Stutsman County is the Place for Economic Development! Main Photo

2 May 2022


Stutsman County offers small-town living with the amenities typically found in more largely populated areas. The perfect combination has been a result of the dedication of local organizations and individuals to economic development. Local businesses grow and thrive due to the efforts of groups like the Jamestown/Stutsman Development Corporation (JSDC). May 9 to 13 is 2022 National Economic Development Week, an excellent opportunity to celebrate how JSDC’s activities and the many available resources lead to the economic vitality and quality of life in Stutsman County.

JSDC offers many programs year-round to assist local businesses and has the networking capability to connect them to other area resources, such as:

A collaborative business environment

JSDC is the best point of contact for entrepreneurs, business owners, and site selectors to become immersed in the economic environment existing in Stutsman County. JSDC staff can facilitate an introduction to and relationships with economic development partners, like the Jamestown Regional Entrepreneurship Center and the South Central Dakota Regional Council, necessary to deliver their advantages for area business success.  

World-class business sites

Jamestown and Stutsman County have many available properties and shovel-ready sites to match various business needs. JSDC is co-owner of the Spiritwood Energy Park, 500+ acres of development land located approximately 10 miles east of Jamestown with convenient access to rail, Interstate, highway, water, wastewater, heavy power and steam. The Airport Business Park offers lots ready for aeronautical and non-aeronautical development ranging from 8.5 to 46 acres. JSDC staff is prepared to assist site selectors and developers with these and many other sites in Stutsman County.

Business Incentives

JSDC is prepared to assist businesses and entrepreneurs with various incentive programs to help drive economic growth, such as city/county property tax exemptions, the Community Development Revolving Loan Fund and the Flex PACE Interest Buydown Loan. In addition, the City of Jamestown and Stutsman County have a combined Economic Development Fund (EDF), a multimillion-dollar program available to assist with expanding or relocating businesses. JSDC makes direct loans, equity investments, and interest buy-downs through the EDF to businesses. JSDC can offer more information on these options and many others on the JSDC website.

National Economic Development Week

The International Economic Development Council (IEDC) hosts the seventh annual National Economic Development Week (EDW), May 9 to 13, which is an incredibly beneficial resource to local economic development efforts. EDW is a chance to recognize economic developers, the local leaders and organizations who work tirelessly to recruit investors, develop business opportunities and create jobs, ultimately enhancing the tax base and building vibrant and sustainable communities. The IEDC’s #EconDevWeek22 Toolkit offers many ideas, while using #EconDevWeek22 can help amplify the value EDOs have in a community. 

JSDC is dedicated to area economic development, growth, and diversification. Reach out to us today by email or call (701) 252-6861 to see how we can help!