Stutsman County’s Small Businesses Need Your Support This Holiday Season

Stutsman County’s Small Businesses Need Your Support This Holiday Season Main Photo

22 Nov 2021


Shopping at locally-owned, small businesses is sweeping through communities nationwide this holiday season. The perfect opportunity begins in Stutsman County this Saturday, November 27, with Small Business Saturday and the Loyal to Local Holiday Passport campaign. Residents and visitors can familiarize themselves with the entrepreneurs who bring their products and services to benefit customers all year long.

Critical to Local Communities

Small Business Saturday was organized more than a decade ago to highlight the importance of small businesses to local economies. It has been a resounding success, as the National Federation of Independent Business reported that, from 2010 to 2018, $103 billion in sales has been generated for small businesses on Small Business Saturday. In 2018 alone, it reported 104 million shoppers spent $17.8 billion! 

Those shoppers visited the 32.5 million small businesses in the country, as reported by the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, which employs 46.8% of the private workforce and accounts for 43.5% of gross domestic product. For North Dakota, the number is 75,427 small businesses and 196,368 employees, or 56.7% of the state's total!

Small businesses fill a critical role as a primary player in a community’s employment base. The Office of Advocacy reports small businesses have accounted for 62% of net new job creation since 1995. Most small businesses hire employees who live close to their operations, so that job creation is an incredible boost to local economies. These entrepreneurs have always faced a difficult path as they begin their journey, as the Office of Advocacy reports that from 1994 to 2019, approximately two-thirds of new employer establishments survived at least two years, with the five-year survival rate approximately one of every two businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic has raised the difficulties facing small business owners and they need our help.

Where to Shop Local

Beginning with Small Business Saturday, Stutsman County communities are promoting their small businesses throughout the holiday season. The Loyal to Local Holiday Passport campaign is designed to help the community to shop local businesses in the Jamestown area this Holiday Season! Customers can visit local businesses to obtain a passport and gain stamps on it when making a purchase. Five stamps with $250.00 or more worth of confirmed purchases makes customers eligible for grand prize drawings. The community has donated $10,000 worth of prizes, including a wood pellet grill and accessories, two Adirondack Chairs, 70-inch TV, two camera security systems and much more.

Other Methods to Help

Small Business Saturday is an excellent time to begin, but continuing with the actions below throughout the year can be even more meaningful!

  • Engage with your friend circle on social media to let them know about your favorite stores. Retweet and like a photo or post to your neighborhood Facebook page!
  • Purchase a gift for this holiday season and then buy a gift card to use later in the year!

Dedicate your time! While purchasing goes directly to a small businesses’ bottom line, visiting these establishments regularly is just as critical. Local establishments often have only a few employees who work long hours without a chance to get out to other parts of the community. Stopping in for a quick chat will let these entrepreneurs know their services are valued. Send an email or drop them a call to express how much you value their offerings.

Jamestown/Stutsman Development Corporation is proud to help the small businesses and consumers throughout Stutsman County. Find out more about how we can help during the holidays by emailing or calling (701) 252-6861.