3 Dec 2020

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Source:  North Dakota Department of Commerce

The North Dakota Department of Commerce will offer a new round of Main Street tourism grants in 2021.

The purpose of the Tourism Main Street Expansion Grant Program is to support new or expanding businesses that provide an improved visitor experience, with an emphasis on attracting visitors to the core of a city or town.

“By developing more enjoyable experiences in our core business districts, North Dakota communities will offer improved activities and experiences to attract residents and visitors,” North Dakota Tourism and Marketing Director Sara Otte Coleman said. “Today’s visitors are drawn to the unique architecture, local culture and experiential activities that create healthy, vibrant communities.” 

The program’s intent is to fund new projects that attract visitors from outside of North Dakota for at least one overnight stay with the goal of giving the community and state another experience to entertain visitors and potential new residents. 

“Main Street tourism grants give communities a boost to develop and enhance experiences that will help our cities and towns become and remain vibrant,” North Dakota Commerce Interim Director Shawn Kessel said.

The 2021 Main Street grants are a 2:1 matching grant with a maximum award amount of $15,000. 

The deadline to submit grant applications is Jan. 22, 2021, with all projects wrapped up by June 11, 2021.?Application information is available at