4 Things To Keep In Mind During National Entrepreneurship Month

1 Nov 2020


As the calendar turns to November and National Entrepreneurship Month, business owners have an opportunity to celebrate and reflect. It undoubtedly has been a taxing year for business founders, but those challenges haven’t dampened the overall entrepreneurial spirit.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the numbers. According to Yelp, Covid-19 caused more than 163,000 businesses to close as of the end of August, representing a 60% uptick compared with the middle of July. But with more than half a billion new companies setting up shop each month and 24 million people planning to become self-employed in the coming year, it seems like plenty of people are willing to take the leap to become their own bosses.

Going it alone and doing so successfully, however, are completely different things. As business owners size up their end of the year, prepare for the holidays, and begin to build their 2021 budgets, current founders and prospective entrepreneurs need to think purposefully about the coming year.

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