High Quality of Life to be Found in Jamestown and Stutsman County

High Quality of Life to be Found in Jamestown and Stutsman County Main Photo

23 Sep 2020


The term ‘Quality of Life’ refers to the community attributes leading toward a good, prosperous life for its residents. According to many national indicators, the Quality of Life provided by Jamestown and Stutsman County is unparalleled throughout the country. Local residents in this small North Dakota community have a fantastic opportunity to live their best lives with the qualities of small-town living matched with many factors leading to personal and professional success for all.

National accolades consistently point to Jamestown and North Dakota possessing a high Quality of Life. The analytics company Gallup, Inc., ranked North Dakota in the top ten states in overall well-being. U.S. News and World Report has ranked North Dakota as the state with the best Quality of Life, citing positive community engagement, social support, voter participation, air and water quality and pollution levels and as exceptional compared to the rest of the country.

And Jamestown is one of the prize communities within highly-rated North Dakota. Areavibes.com placed it as the #4 city in North Dakota with an exceptional livability score, taking into account factors such as Cost of Living, housing, employment, amenities, and schools. 

Wealth & Employment

Obtaining employment and being able to afford what you want set a person up for a high Quality of Life. Jamestown sits favorably in that regard, as evidenced by Sperling’s Best Places 2019 Cost of Living Index indicating Jamestown's cost of living is 18.3% lower than the U.S. average. Wallethub’s 2019 Best States to Live In ranked North Dakota extremely high as well, with the best state economy, taking into account income growth potential, employment rates, debt, entrepreneurial activity and the Gallup U.S. Economic Confidence Index. It also ranked North Dakota with the third most affordable housing, fourth highest median family salary and lowest percentage of families in poverty.

Family & Education

main streetIn regards to raising a family, Wallethub also ranked North Dakota as the third-best state to raise a family. The ranking specifically rated North Dakota best in two subsets: Socioeconomic and Education and Child Care. Socioeconomic factors include the Wealth Gap, unemployment rates and job security, opportunity and satisfaction. The Education and Child Care subset includes the quality and graduation rates of public schools and quality and availability of child care services. Families can obtain excellent education from elementary through secondary school in Jamestown. Niche.com gave the Jamestown Public School District a B rating for 2020, citing a strength in a 12:1 student:teacher ratio compared to a 17:1 national average. And Wallethub.com ranked North Dakota as the best state for teachers in 2019. 

The University of Jamestown has consistently been ranked as one of the top universities in North Dakota. It is a private, Christian university with an enrollment of 868 undergraduate students offering Business, Nursing, and Kinesiology and Exercise Science as its most popular majors. 

Health & Recreation

Jamestown is known as a safe community with clean air and short commutes. Healthcare in the area is a priority, illustrated by the Jamestown Regional Medical Center (JRMC) being named one of the Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals within the United States every year since 2014. JRMC opened in 1935 but had a state-of-the-art upgrade in 2011, leading to the prestigious recognition. The United Health Foundation has ranked North Dakota either first or second in least amount of air pollution in the United States for the past 5 years. And Jamestown residents enjoy an average 13 minute commute to work, leading to that clean air and leaving more time to enjoy that Quality of Life.

Recreation in Stutsman County  is multifaceted. Local residents have a love of the arts and they have been rewarded for that passion as of late. Jamestown organizations have been recipients of North Dakota’s Main Street Awards recently, recognizing communities that promote and celebrate the arts and culture. This year, the Jamestown Downtown Association will receive approximately $1,500 toward an Alley Art/Mural project as part of the Main Street Initiative Vibrancy Grant Program. In 2019, Jamestown’s Downtown Arts Market received the North Dakota Arts and Culture Award for creating an invaluable addition to Jamestown’s downtown by bringing the community together and highlighting surrounding businesses, restaurants and buildings. Arts and history opportunities in the area include the Stutsman County Museum, Buffalo Museum and Reilan Arts Center at the University of Jamestown.

reservoirFor outdoor enthusiasts, many recreation opportunities exist, beginning with the Jamestown Reservoir. Formed by the Jamestown Dam on the James River, the reservoir encompasses 2,492 acres of water and is popular for its seven boat launches, seven picnic shelters, two swimming beaches, three miles of hard-surfaced walking and biking trails and a world-class disc golf course. Additionally, the Pipestem Reservoir offers 820 acres of water and over 14 miles of shoreline for additional fishing, hunting, camping and recreation opportunities. Adding multiple golf courses, the Jamestown Speedway and the Jamestown River Rodeo Association and Stutsman County is recognized as offering recreation for all interests.

Many available statistics point toward Jamestown and Stutsman County as a place individuals and families can enjoy a high Quality of Life, but one final ranking may summarize that best. In 2018, Wallethub.com ranked North Dakota as the #4 happiest state in the country. With accessible opportunities to find financial success combined with healthy options to raise a family, Jamestown and Stutsman County provide a high Quality of Life for everyone.