North Dakota Outlook & Performance

22 Dec 2019

Current Economic Outlook (2019) - North Dakota

From the 2019 edition of Rich States, Poor States. These values are the most recent available at the time of publication.


Top Marginal Personal Income Tax Rate 

2.90% 10th

Top Marginal Corporate Income Tax Rate 

4.31% 7th

Personal Income Tax Progressivity 

(change in tax liability per $1,000 of income)
$8.60 25th

Property Tax Burden 

(per $1,000 of personal income)
$24.59 15th

Sales Tax Burden 

(per $1,000 of personal income)
$32.18 43rd

Remaining Tax Burden 

(per $1,000 of personal income)
$18.64 29th

Estate / Inheritance Tax Levied? 

No 1st

Recently Legislated Tax Changes 

-$5.41 1st

Debt Service as a Share of Tax Revenue 

3.80% 3rd

Public Employees Per 10,000 of Population 

(full-time equivalent)
626.3 44th

State Liability System Survey 

(tort litigation treatment, judicial impartiality, etc.)
71.5 17th

State Minimum Wage 

(federal floor is $7.25)
$7.25 1st

Average Workers’ Compensation Costs 

(per $100 of payroll)
$0.82 1st

Right-to-Work State? 

(option to join or support a union)
Yes 1st

Tax Expenditure Limits 

0 34th