U.S. CENSUS: North Dakota Only State to Get Younger

3 Jul 2019

North Dakota is the only state in the United States growing younger this decade, according to recently released data from the U.S. Census Bureau. North Dakota’s median age dropped from 37 in 2010 to 35.2 in 2018.

”This is very encouraging news, reaffirming that our state has a healthy economy, high quality of life and ample job opportunities that young workers find appealing,” Gov. Doug Burgum said. “As participation in our Main Street Initiative grows, North Dakota will continue to attract families and young talent by supporting healthy, vibrant communities with smart, efficient infrastructure for a 21st century workforce.”

The recent data from the Census Bureau shows that North Dakota is younger than each of its neighboring states with Minnesota at 38.1, Montana at 39.9 and South Dakota at 37.1 years of age.

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