Celebrate Small Business In Jamestown

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3 May 2019

May 5–11 is National Small Business Week across America. The hard-working and innovative small business owners of Jamestown and Stutsman County contribute to the vibrancy and character of our communities while employing many of our local residents. It's these locally owned businesses that help define our community and what it's like to live here. This week is an opportunity to celebrate their success and offer our appreciation.

Small businesses make communities an enjoyable place to visit and live

When people visit Jamestown, they are likely to enjoy our specialty boutiques, the local art scene such as the Jamestown Arts Center or Arts Park, or our various cafés serving the best locally brewed coffee. We have local business owners to thank for that. Interested in food culture? These are just a few examples of Jamestown’s ‘Local Gems:’  

boutiqueShow your appreciation by visiting small businesses May 5–11

Show your appreciation for the local business owners who contribute to our community's vibrancy and success. It's as simple as choosing to spend your dollars at local businesses. Instead of dining out at a chain restaurant, spend your dollars at locally owned cafés and restaurants. Instead of shopping at a big box store, visit a local boutique or gift shop to buy gifts for your friends and family. When added up across our population, these small daily decisions can make a significant impact on the amount of revenue mom-and-pop businesses generate in a given year. It’s important for us all to make active choices to keep money within our community, where local businesses are creating local jobs and giving back.

We offer support for local businesses

In addition to patronizing small businesses, the Jamestown Stutsman Development Corporation offers support for businesses based in Jamestown and Stutsman County. These business resources include access to information and resources, training assistance, grants and incentives. These are a few of the programs available to local businesses:

Anyone who is interested in starting a business locally should contact us for information, support and assistance. If an entrepreneur requires something that we cannot provide, we will make the introduction to other support services to ensure they can receive what they require.

Thank you to all our small business owners

We want to send a huge thank you to the small businesses that make our community such a special place to live and work. Your contribution to our community is invaluable. For more information on National Small Business Week, click here

The Small Business Administration and SCORE Association are hosting a free virtual conference May 7–8 where small business owners can network and access expert advice.

Learn more about the virtual conference here