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Strategic Plan

July 13, 2016

Category: Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

JSDC Strategic Plan 2017-2019


To be the premier catalyst in economic development and growing our community.


Jamestown/Stutsman Development Corporation (JSDC) is dedicated to area economic development growth and diversification.

Priority 1: JSDC Governance

Goal:  JSDC Board of Directors will analyze, organize and amend JSDC policies and procedures by reviewing original intent, current and past practices, City and County contracts, articles of incorporation and JSDC bylaws by Decenber 2014.

Goal: JSDC Board of Directors will define the structure of the Board, review roles and responsibility of Board members and establish engagement and response mechanisms by March 31, 2014.

Priority 2: Staff

Goal: Retain current staff and invest in their expertise to enhance professionalism and maintain a positive first impression. This is accomplished by ensuring adequate compensation and training opportunities by December 2014.

Priority 3: Allocation of Resources

Goal: Align future JSDC business development decisions with JSDC asset priorities in order to effectively allocate resources by 2015.

Priority 4: Workforce

Goal: Implement ACT workforce program to accelerate placing appropriate skill sets in the right jobs and measure program success by December 31, 2016.

Goal: Recruitment and retention of a skilled workforce is needed for current and future businesses, therefore, a legislative strategy related to a local workforce training in Jamestown will need to be developed by December 2016.

Goal: Develop STEM programs in Stutsman County Public School Systems by June 2015 to educate students, parents, counselors and teachers on the need for area industry-based skills and education in order to "grow our own" and retain employees in Stutsman County.

Priority 5: Public Engagement

Goal: Educate current business stakeholders of JSDC resources, which will assist businesses with retention and expansion by June 2016.

Goal: Enhance Public Communication by evaluating the most successful mediums by May 2015.

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