Jamestown is a place adorned in charm. Norman Rockwell could have painted curly-topped boys fishing along the banks of the James River. Western writer Louis L'Amour was born here, and we'd like to think Jamestown was a source of inspiration for him. Jamestown is nestled between two rivers - the James River and the Pipestem River and has excellent recreational opportunities at both of these.

Jamestown is a place of clean air, safe streets and short commutes. You can take time for fitness, take time for family, and take time for friendships.

Jamestown is a place of good public and private schools - make those great schools - with a high school completion rate of 89%. Jamestown offers a new state of the art high school that was constructed in 2004. Class sizes are small by big-city standards, so children and youth get personal attention and wide-open opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and sports.

What sets Jamestown apart from the rest? It's our commitment to doing everything we can to help you say "yes" to Jamestown. You can own and operate a thriving business and enjoy job stability in the same community you own your dream home, enjoy quiet neighborhood living, and watch your children grown.

Population — 2010 Census

City County Trade Area
15,427 21,100 61,454



Annual Average Temperature 40.4 F
Monthly Average High Temperature 40˚F Spring
Summer 75˚F
Fall 55˚F
Winter 20˚F
Annual Average Precipitation 18.12 Inches
Prevailing Winds Northwest