Jamestown/Stutsman Development Corporation

Jamestown workers are among the most productive and dependable in the nation. Dedication to hard work blended with our history of plain-spoken honesty creates a general attitude of respect for employment and property. This attitude proves itself time and again with statistics like consistently low employee absenteeism, low employee turnover, and almost non-existent work stoppage rates.

According to the employers surveyed in 2010 Labor Availability, the working age population of Jamestown is well-educated and are loyal to their employers.

Potential job seekers (PJS) in the Jamestown community are readily available to meet the needs of area's businesses.



  • 67% have education/training beyond high school
  • 23% have obtained an undergraduate degree
  • 6% have a post-graduate/professional degree

Demographics and Employment Experience

  • Median age is 41 years old
  • Population of 31,696 age 18 or older
  • Average 7 years of management experience
  • 38% willing to commute 31 miles one way or further

Workforce Adaptability

  • 3,523 people in the workforce are willing to change employment for the right opportunity
  • 28% currently work shifts
  • 49% have received jobs skills training in the past 3 years
  • On-the-job-training preferred by 44% of PJSs

Potential Job Seekers Educational Attainment

  • 29% or 2,366 PJSs have a college or advanced degree
  • 8% or 653 PJSs have at least one technical college degree

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