JSDC Board of Directors Meeting 5/10/2021 at 11:45 a.m.

3 May 2021



JSDC Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

Monday, May 10th, 2021 @ 11:45 am – 1:30 pm

Sabirs – 103 1st Ave S, Jamestown

11:45 a.m.          Call to Order                                                                                                                                                            

                                             Roll Call                                                                                                        

Declaration of Conflict of Interest                                                                                       

                              B) Approval of Agenda                                                                                                                                          

                              C) President’s Report                                                                                                              

                              D) Strategic Committee Reports

                                             Organizational Excellence – Lorrie Pavlicek, Chair

                                             Existing Business - Tory Hart, Chair

                                             New Business Attraction – Tom Silbernagel, Chair

E) Approval of Meeting Minutes                                                                                                                        

                              F) Account Status Report                                                                                                                      

                              G) JSDC Policies & Procedures                                                                                                                            

                              H) 2021 Flex PACE Program                                                                                                                 

                              I) KC Motorsports Flex PACE Request                                                                  

                              J) Oviatt LLC Flex PACE Request                                                                            

                              K) Intern Program Applications

                              *Executive Session* JSDC Incentives                                                                                                 

                              L) JSDC Incentives           

1:30 p.m.             Adjourn              

Upcoming dates:

Wednesday, May 19th – JSDC Annual Meeting – 5-7 p.m. Quality Inn & Suites

Monday, June 14th:   JSDC Board of Directors Meeting at 11:45 a.m. – JSDC Lower Level Conference Room